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  Don't Know How to Pray?   The Holy Spirit Intercedes for Us Rom 8:26,27

                With Thanksgiving   Present your Requests to God.   Phil 4:6,7

                          Prayer Is Not   about you  Romans 11:36

                                  Prayer Is   The Key to the Heart of God.   Prov 1:23

                              Prayer  An Intimate Love Relationship with God. John 17:20-24

      The Priority of Prayer  in becoming a partaker of the Divine Nature. 2 Peter 1:2-4

                                       Power  through Prayer Luke 11:13

                                   Purpose  of Prayer Habakkuk 2:14

                                    Pray for  One Another James 5:16

                                         Pray  that your joy may be full John 15:24

Ask someone to  Pray for You  Colossians 1:9-12

         Prayer and Fruitfulness  John 15:16

Why God Will Not Answer Your Prayers -  Part 1 Psalm 66:18

Why God Will Not Answer Your Prayers -  Part 2  John 14:13-14

Why God Will Not Answer Your Prayers -  Part 3  1 John 3:21-22

Why God Will Not Answer Your Prayers -  Part 4  1 John 3:21-22

Why God Will Not Answer Your Prayers -  Part 5  John 15:7

Why God Will Not Answer Your Prayers -  Part 6  John 15:7

Why God Will Not Answer Your Prayers -  Part 7  John 15:7

                                    Always Pray  And don't give up.   Luke 18:1

                  The LORD is righteous  in all His ways.   Psalm 145:17,18

                           Kingdom Prayers   glorify God  Ephesians 3:20

                   The Efficacy of Prayer  John 14:13-15

      When God Doesn't Heal Now  Exodus 15:26

                              Stand in the Gap  before God  Ezekiel 22:30

                                           First Ever  Global Day of Prayer.   Psalm 2:8

                                                     Pray  to the God of Mercy.   Daniel 9:18

                               God Is   My loving Father who cares and provides for me.  Matt 6:9

                     Prayer  An Intimate Relationship with our Heavenly Father. Psalm 27:4

               Gethsemane Prayer   Not my will, but yours be done. Luke 22:42

                          Pray This Way  The Pattern for All Prayer Matthew 6:5-15     

                                 Pray the Word  God has given us a Winning Battle Plan Eph 6:18

         Pray Then in This Way  The Model Prayer  Matthew 6:9-13               

Worship God   In Prayer   Psalm 95:6-7a      

Are You Suffering?   Then Pray   James 5:13                  

                God wants Revival   Will you Pray   Psalm 67:1,2                               

 Watch and Pray   Expectantly   Micah 7:7                    

                    Confess Your Sins   To One Another & Pray for One Another  Jam 5:16

                 The Priority of Prayer   The Kingdom of God and Holiness   Matthew 6:33

The International Day of Prayer   for the Persecuted Church   Hebrews 13:3          

             A House of Prayer   For All the People   Isaiah 56:7                   

   Enter God's Presence   Through Prayer Today   Psalm 42:2        

                      Pray for    Those Who Mistreat You   Luke 6:28

          The Prayer of Jabez    God Granted Him What He Requested      

      At All Times    Pray In The Spirit                       

           How to Pray    According to God's Will                 

          God Bless Us    That Your Way May Be Known       

          The Church in Prayer    What a Difference Prayer Makes                 

                     Intimate Prayer    Our Relationship with the Father                  

   Adoniram Judson    Effectual Prayer                                  

     Unity in Christ    Jesus' Prayer for Us                      

                       I am Praying for You    Be Filled with the Fullness of God                              

                                   Pray2K    America's Hope for the New Millennium     

   God's Desire for Us    My Prayer for You                                  

Thy will be done   Jesus Prays in the Garden      

            God's Answer   The Problem of Sin in the World      

                  Be Rich toward God   Praying Scripture brings God's Will in your Life  

  Take Time to Pray   The Importance of Prayer             

The Model Prayer   Lord Teach Us to Pray                

  George Mueller   A Man of Prayer                            

Confidence in Prayer   Praying According to God's Will       

                  Praise God   Make His Praise Glorious               

                 Bring Glory to God   Help Everyone, Everywhere to Know Jesus

 Accomplish God's Work   Letting Almighty God Work Through Me

Let Your Requests Be Made Known   Nothing is too difficult for God

                             He Must Increase   Grow in the Grace and Knowledge of Christ  

Prayer and Faith   Believe and Receive             

             Faith and Prayer   If You Ask Anything in Jesus' Name

  When God Does Not Hear   Your Sins Have Hidden His Face          

Give Praise and Thanks   Glory be to God                                 

More Than We Ask   God is Able                                 

                    Be Still   See Life from God's Perspective

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                  The Most Important thing you can do is  Pray Today      

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