Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.                        James 4:8


Prayer is not a good thing, Prayer is a God thing.

Have you noticed how God has been calling many different groups within His church to prayer. God is making it clear that He wants us to pray. It is essential for us as Christians to pray and seek the Lord’s will in everything we do. I am thankful for each of you who have been doing that. That is what prayer is all about. Without His Spirit working in us, we can do nothing to advance His kingdom. God is answering prayer. God is working in our midst in a great way.

Our prayers have eternal significance for us and for the church. Pray that everyone in the church will know God more intimately through prayer and the study of His Word in 2009. Pray that we will all experience God working in our lives. Pray that God will help us as individuals and as the church to make the following commitments.

  • We will spend more time with God in prayer.

  • We will have a regular daily quiet time with God.

  • We will make time to memorize God’s Word and incorporate it into our prayers.

  • We will begin to, or become more committed to pray with our spouse.

  • We will pray for the future spouses of our children (and our grandchildren)

  • We will pray daily for REVIVAL – in our personal life and in the Church!

  • We will pray that God will raise up many who will become involved in prayer.

  • We will pray for our leaders and staff, and their families.

  • We will fast and seek the will of God. (We may give up something other than food.)

  • We will seek to know and pray those things which are on the heart of God.

  • We will pray for our enemies, until we truly love them as much as Jesus does.

  • We will begin a prayer journal, and be faithful to use it.

  • We will make prayer the center of our family life.

  • We will become involved in corporate Prayer Services.

  • We will learn to become a world intercessor – praying for needs around the world.

  • We will commit to pray for those who are suffering for Christ’s sake and the Gospel.

  • We will commit to pray for an unsaved family member or friend in 2009.

God promises that if we draw near to Him, He will draw near to us. That is why to Pray in 2009.

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