For My house will be called a house of prayer for all the peoples."          Isaiah 56:7


What part does prayer have in your life? What part does prayer have in your church? What part should it have? I believe it should have a prominent place in the life of every believer. I believe it should have a prominent part in your church as well.

You will remember that the one time Jesus became angry was when he found that His Fatherís house had been made something other than a house of prayer.

Have you ever shared a burden with someone at church and had them stop right then and there and pray for your need? I have. What an encouragement it was to know they cared enough to pray. What a blessing it was to have the Father reaching out and touching me through them. That is something we can all do for one another each week. That is something we can do for visitors as well.

What would happen if we took the time to find out peoples needs and immediately interceded for them with the Father? Would it make a difference in their lives? Would it make a difference in ours? Wouldnít it please God. Wouldnít it be a demonstration of our love for others and our faith in our Heavenly Father. One thing we can all do is show others that our loving Heavenly Father cares about their needs.

God bids strangers welcome into His House. God invites everyone to come to Him. He wants everyone to bring their burdens to Him in prayer. And when they do, they will find acceptance, comfort and help from Him. Though we come mourning to the house of prayer, we shall go away rejoicing. We will find needs met when we cast our cares and burdens upon the Lord.

Prayer is especially important as we seek Godís direction in our lives. We need to acknowledge our dependance upon Him and seek His provision for the things we need to accomplish the work He is calling us to do. What He wants us to do is much bigger than we are, but it is not bigger than God. We need to demonstrate our trust in Him to fulfill the vision He has given us and seek the Lord together in prayer.

It is not by our plans, but by His power that we become effective in ministry. To be able to continue our ministry in our community, we need to reach out in prayer. If we humble ourselves before Him with prayer and fasting, and seek His face, He will make Himself known. He is able to do exceedingly abundantly more than we ask or imagine. So lets ask that His kingdom come, His will be done in our lives, our church, our city and our country.

With Godís help letís make His house, a house of prayer for all the people.

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