I am the LORD who heals you. Exodus 15:26


Do you know someone facing pain, suffering or death? When God Doesn't Heal Now, what do we do? What can we do? Consider these thoughts from Larry Keefauver's book entitled "When God Doesn't Heal Now."

Some of the deepest feelings of people about the human predicament may find expression in mythical form. These myths do have some basis in fact, are rooted in deep emotions, and find some support in Scripture. But a myth only seems true for some times, for some people, and in some situations. Truth is that which is true for all time, for all people, and in all situations. Some may be healed in time, while others are healed in eternity. Both walk by faith. Their courage, faith, hope, and spiritual depth will help us in our journey of faith to know the God who heals!

Between now and eternity, time will pass. How we spend that precious commodity will result in either treasure or trash. That time will be either redeemed or wasted. The choice is ours. Until our healing is manifested either in time or eternity, we will either walk by faith or merely talk faith. Walking by faith is really living, whether for a moment longer or for years. When God doesn't heal now, we may be tempted to diminish our trust and increase our trying. Our trying will not get us healed. We cannot make a miracle happen. However, we can expect God to meet us at our point of need and walk with us every moment of life. Christ remains at our side to lift us up and see us through. That God must always heal now, because we believe, obey, or confess the Word is myth. Will we still love God, if we aren't healed now? Are we at peace with God's sovereignty? Does His plan, and will reign supreme in our life? Nothing really matters, but totally trusting God and walking by faith. Without being healed eternally, being healed in time is meaningless. Faith is the ultimate issue. The real spiritual battlefield on which we war against disease is not healing, but faith. The paramount struggle in which we find ourselves will never be the temporal battle between health and disease, but rather a spiritual war that will rage between faith and fear--trust and doubt.

Is it possible to walk by faith through pain, suffering, and even death? Can one believe in the God who heals even if healing isn't manifested now? Are we trusting for our healing or trusting the healer? The most important thing in life is Jesus, because He alone is life. The only time death and disease will defeat us is when our myths about healing replace the truth about the God who heals. Where do we turn for rock-solid truth that will see us through even the valley of the shadow of death? What are some of the myths we banter about when talk and cheap and life seems endless? Here are a few:

If a person has enough faith, they will be healed. While a lack of faith may hinder healing, healing does not depend on faith, healing depends on the healer. If we stand fast in faith, trusting Jesus, we will be healed eternally even when we do not see our physical healing manifested now. Claim Him as your healer, whether we see your healing manifested now or in eternity. When we are healed rests entirely on what the sovereign purposes of the healer are. Our healing doesn't depend on our faith, but on the one in whom we place our faith-Jesus, the Word! The rock on which we stand isn't faith or healing but Christ-the healer.

God answers every prayer for healing prayed in faith. We do not pray to move God to our place, but rather for Him to move us to His place of healing. We might miss God's timing for a miracle, if we do not pray. What if there are some things God either cannot or will not do until people pray? Healing depends upon the healer. Our prayers provide the venue for God to act in to heal us and others. But prayer neither compels God to heal now, nor does it limit His healing power. Faith is not holding on for our healing but holding on to the God who heals.

Past or unconfessed sin hinders or blocks one's healing. Disease is not God's punishment for sin, and sin cannot keep us from being healed. Jesus has come to save, heal, and deliver us from sin, disease, and death.

Not being healed indicates God's punishment or judgment. The truth is that sin is forever cleansed by the blood of Christ in which there is salvation, forgiveness, healing, and deliverance. The God who heals never intended for us to contrive shallow answers to deep question. We may never receive all the answers we need to answer all the questions we have.

Beware of the walls that can hinder our relationship with the God who heals. We will be tempted to believe that God has not kept His healing promises in our life. If we believe that God is not meeting our needs, then we will build a wall of unmet needs that becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Beware of unfulfilled expectations. Never expect a person, a service, a program, or a prescribed ritual to heal. Beware of the walls of unconfessed sin and anger with God. These walls will keep us from seeing the truth and receiving all that God wants to do in and through us.

If one who is sick can just be prayed for by certain healing evangelists or preachers then they will be healed. The right person to pray for healing is a person God has anointed and chosen, for that moment to pray. Our efforts will not get us healed! Faith, prayer, and the right people cannot heal us. We pray, fixing our focus not on our illness or our healing but on the God who heals.

Doubt stops God's healing power. Why does God heal? While faith helps us to receive a healing, God doesn't heal because of our faith. Faith never heals. While prayer opens the door to healing, God doesn't heal because we pray. Prayer never heals. While sin may hinder our healing, God doesn't punish us by not healing. God is always ready and able to heal. While healing may flow through someone touching or laying hands on us, a person's touch never heals. Healing is rooted in the nature and character of God. He is the God who heals. Out of His mercy and loving compassion for us, God heals. We cannot control or manipulate our sovereign God. Faith, prayer, repentance, and claiming the promises of God do not force Him to act. God has sovereignly chosen in His mercy and compassion to risk relationship with us in time and space. He has chosen to respond as He wills to faith, prayer, repentance, and acting upon His promises.

Healing is for all. Praying for healing is in the will of God. All healing in time and space only begins the ultimate completion of healing in eternity. Claim God as your healer whether you see your healing now or in eternity. When God doesn't heal now, keep praying with all kinds of prayer. When God doesn't heal now, know, claim, and stand on God's promises. When God doesn't heal now, face illness and the possibility of physical death with hope and victory. When God doesn't heal now, there are ways for us to respond that will praise and glorify God. It's time to turn to those responses.

Walk by faith. Pray humbly. Pray boldly, persistently in faith. Seek out others, who will pray in faith with you, don't go it alone. Pray for others. Pray the Word. Prayer and the Word are inseparably linked together. Power in the use of either depends on the presence of the other. The Word gives us guidance for prayer, telling us what God will do for us. It shows us the path of prayer, telling us how God would have us come. It gives us the power for prayer, the courage to accept the assurance that we will be heard. And it brings us the answer to prayer, as it teaches what God will do for us. And so, prayer prepares the heart for receiving the Word from God Himself, for the teaching of the Spirit which gives spiritual understanding, and for the faith that carries out God's will.

God in His sovereignty may choose to heal now or we may walk through deaths portals into His everlasting arms. The greatest battle, we will fight will be against fear. Satan's design is to tempt us to replace faith with fear. Illness cannot become the center of our life or the focus of our attention. Prayer sustains and builds our walk of faith through pain, suffering, and trial. Effective prayer patiently petitions God and waits on him. God and His Word can be trusted. Do not seek after what God can do, seek after God. In praying in God's will, we are seeking His purpose, in His timing, done in His way for His glory. Everything happening to us serves to make Christ more accurately known, regardless of whether we live or die.

Bless the LORD, O my soul, and all that is within me, bless His holy name. He forgives all my sins and heals all my diseases.

2005 Pray-Today


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